Saturday, October 13, 2012

Use Shaun T Insane Workout DVD For an Olympic Body

Every two years there are another Olympics and every two years people see the Olympic athletes' bodies and wish theirs looked like that. Olympic athletes spend years working out to get their bodies and it is hard to look like them, but there is a workout program that can get you on the right track, it is the Shaun T Insanity Workout. This insane workout dvd has everything you need for a complete full body workout. When you purchase the Insanity videos you will receive: 10 DVDs, nutrition plan, fitness guide, and tracking tools. The program uses body resistance for the workouts, so you will not need any weights or resistance bands. The 10 DVDs cover your entire body for a complete workout.

 Also, if you purchase the deluxe edition of the workout you receive an additional 3 DVDs that come with 3 new workouts called: Max Interval Sports Training, Insane Abs, and Upper Body Weighted Workout. These three additional workouts are harder and will strengthen you faster. The Max Interval Sports Training is a system that Shaun T developed for training professional athletes and Olympians. This is an extremely difficult workout and is not for those with poor mental strength. You need to be prepared for an intense workout you are probably not used to.

At a similar level of difficult as the Sports training is the Insane Abs. The first 10 DVDs you receive come with abdominal exercises, but nothing that can compare to the complete and difficult exercises this DVD comes with.

Do this work out and you can get Olympic abs. Final, the Upper Body Weighted Workout is the only insanity workout that uses weight and teaches you the proper techniques for using weights and will sculpt your upper body into the look that the Olympic athletes have. The workout you receive from the Insanity workout is at a level all of itself. It is an insane workout that cannot be compared to any other DVD workout available, and it is definitely a workout that will help you get an Olympic body. Just make sure you are prepared for the mental aspect of this workout, it is not for the weak minded.
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