Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Magic of Making Up

If popularity is any indication of quality, then the Magic of Making Up has to be the best how to get back your ex eBook on the market today. Google can back this up, as a search for the phrase "magic of making up" (in quotes, so that Google only displays pages containing the phrase "magic of making up") returns 56 million results.

That means that there are 56 million web pages that contain the ebook's title phrase "magic of making up," many of which, presumably, contain information about the highly popular how to get back your ex eBook (interestingly, a search on Google for the generic phrase "how to get back your ex ebook" returns only about 3,000 results, suggesting that the specific title is, in fact, more popular than the category).

So why, out of all of the ebooks on the subject of how to get your ex back, is the Magic Of making up so popular? How is it possible that, in a market that is so heavily saturated with other ebooks on how to get back your ex, one can stand out from the crowd and appear to have no real competition.
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