Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hit the Markets on Your Cheap Turkey Holidays

These days you can find some pretty cheap turkey holidays, making this beautiful country more accessible than ever before. Have a holiday here, and you'll find sun, sand and sea, plus great food and culture, all on your doorstep. It's also a great place to do some cheap shopping, as the market culture in Turkey is truly incredible. One of the most famous markets in Turkey is the Grand Bazaar in the capital city of Instanbul. Built in 1701 by the Sultan Mehmet, this bazaar covers 65 streets in all, and has literally thousands of shops and stalls. Visitors looking to explore this incredible market on their Turkey holidays should take time to stop and discover all the amazing sights and smells. From the modest stalls in Arasta Bazaar to the upmarket wares of the Kapalicarsi, you are sure to find anything you're looking for in this bustling market. Also keep an eye out for the seven different fountains contained within the Grand Bazaar. If you're visiting the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, stop in at the Handicrafts Centre directly across the street. This indoor market sells a range of handmade ceramics and handicrafts which will make great gifts. From hand painted silks to Anatolian dolls, it's a chance to support the local crafts industry as well as pick up something truly unique. Plus it's a stunning shopping experience given its setting in the ancient Medrese. There are plenty of food markets and stalls to enjoy if you're into cooking on your Turkey holidays, but you certainly don't have to be a foodie to appreciate them. One of the best is the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, and in fact it is one of the oldest markets in Turkey. Everything from paprika to saffron will be found here in colourful abundance. Although it's worth noting this market is not only exclusive to spices - these days you can buy all kinds of things, from souvenirs to sweets. Outside of Istanbul there are still markets galore, offering interesting wares and plenty of atmosphere. For something unique, head to the Carsi Market in Marmaris where over 200 stalls are selling everything from jewellery to clothing. This is a popular market and Sundays are the busiest days here so to avoid the hustle and bustle, visit during the week when it's quieter.
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