Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Text the Romance Back Into Your Relationship

Hands up who uses text messages? Most people do these days. Its one of the top ways to communicate in modern times. It's convenient, its fast and can be used for any occasion. So why not use it to enhance your relationship? Send a love message!

One of the common things you hear is people reminiscing back to the beginning of a relationship when everything was fun and exciting. Often we get stuck in "real life", where romance takes a back seat and other things become more of a priority. Relationships need to have input, they need to be looked after as well as the people involved in it. Feeling valued, wanted and appreciated in your relationship is a winning formula!

So how about sending some romantic texts? Or sending some downright flirty text messages? Or a love message? I've done this and trust me it worked a treat! Be unpredictable and send a flirty text out of the blue to your loved one. When you get the text messages right, your loved one is guaranteed to respond! I guarantee it! Build the anticipation and hint at whats on your mind. Make them think. Make them wonder. Your loved one will love figuring out what you mean and flirt right back with you. The romance texts will be flying back and forth. A great way to improve communication between you both as well!

Flirting is a great way to Text the romance back. Flirting is an essential part of a healthy relationship. It makes you feel attractive and wanted. Flirt back and your partner will feel the same. It then becomes a reciprocal thing that will only get better and better!

A good way to use flirty text messages, is to make your partner look forward to seeing you after a long day at work. When you build the anticipation during the day you will be guaranteed of a romantic reception when they see you! Would you like that bubble bath run for you? How about a nice relaxing foot rub after a hard day? When you feel attractive and wanted by your partner, we then want to do things for our partner!
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