Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pampered in Paris is HAUTE!

Beauty rituals to the French are like yoga classes to American girls. Recently, I was sent a cute little book, Pampered in Paris, A Guide to The Best Spas, Salons and Beauty Boutiques in Paris by Kim Levesque from The Little Bookroom. As I thumb through this little pocket guide, the beauty of Paris comes alive with each stunning photo. When I came upon page 128, a smile crossed my face because I remember my afternoon of spa rituals at Spa Cinq Mondes housed in the posh square de L’Opera-Louis-Jouvet in the 9th arr. My day began with a beautiful Japanese bath in a wooden tub with rose petals dropped at my feet followed by a French facial.

If you’re thinking about getting pampered in Paris pick up this little book for the best of the best. It profiles fifty of the most exquisite spas and salons in the City of Light. Levesque also offers her tips on the best treatments along with a glossary of useful terms. You’ll also learn what to expect when visiting these French glam spots. Just think nail salons are all over the U.S. but in Paris, good luck finding one. The French girls know that you must make appointments because walk-ins, well that’s so American. Madam understands being “lathered and creamed, exfoliated and scrubbed to an inch of her life” is what life is all about in France.

“Pampered in Paris: A Guide to the Best Spas, Salons and Beauty Books” (The Little Bookroom, New York; available for $16.95 at littlebookroom.com)

Are you ready to be pampered in Paris?
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