Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Haute Stuff! Stephanie Johnson Travel Bags

My good friend Patti Davis turned me onto Stephanie Johnson’s travel bags and accessories… it’s a West Coast celebrity obsession kind of thing. But the girls are also rocking them in the NYC. And now, it’s girls like me in the ATL who’ll work the bags and accessories into our HAUTE TRAVELS world!

Johnson’s collection of travel accessories range from makeup bags, totes and jewelry pouches ideal for brushes, lip gloss, compacts, hair accessories and your gems. She’s thought of everything in her collections that resonate with your resident Travelistas who want to stay organized on-the-go and fashionable at the same time.
I found the collections interesting because of the way Johnson plays on travel as a lifestyle. The collections are named after some of the hottest destinations in the world, like Vegas, Shanghai, Madrid and my fave Monte Carlo!

There’s something for everybody’s taste and alter ego… just think when I’m feeling jet-set and thinking about the South of France, I’ll pull out my complimentary Monte Carlo Susan Jewelry Roll case and pair it with my Gidget Compact Brush Case that fits into my carryon or city tote. The sparkling gold accents add a bit of excitement to my day and keep me on point. Some compartments even pop out allowing you to carry on its own or in a smaller handbag. It’s SO HAUTE!

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Don’t you love a great travel bag and accessories?
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