Friday, October 8, 2010

Haute Stuff! The Friendship Stone

There are people who enter your life that you may never have seen coming. But yet, there’s something special about them and you realize in an instant that your life will never be the same because your paths crossed.

Nothing in life is certain… therefore, I believe in nurturing relationships that matter to me. So when I came across the friendship stone, I was intrigued. It’s a gift that, like the bond of friendship, is never-ending. Each stone is unique, the perfect gift of gratitude and appreciation.
The stone allows you to connect by giving it to a special friend… connecting the power of two. Perhaps, it’s the gesture of giving this one-of-a-kind gem to someone else that makes it so powerful.

The journey of the Friendship Stone starts when one of the rocks begins an unexpected odyssey of friendship and giving. The stone is intended to spread goodwill and the power of positive thinking. Just the simple act of friendship has the power to touch many lives.

I was given two stones as a gift and I’ll pass one of them onto a friend who inspires me to dream bigger. I hope that when my friend looks at that stone it will provide a level of comfort that would come from me if only I were there… offering a friendship promise that makes one’s heart smile.

A Note About Giving Back: 10% of the sales from the Friendship Stone go back to the villages in South Africa where the stones are sourced to help the people improve their lives.

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Do you have a keepsake that makes your heart smile?
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