Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flow With Haute Hair and Make Giving Back Beautiful

Tucked inside the land where wigs, weaves, and natural hair reign supreme among trend-setters is a hair salon that makes giving back beautiful. In a loft-like space with flowing water and master stylists working their magic sisters Najah (pronounced like the river Niger in Africa) and Lateefah Aziz are watching their dream come true with every color, cut and style.
“I loved doing hair as a child, but I took the corporate America route,” says Najah Aziz. But after more than 16 years in corporate America¸ she began thinking that it was time to follow her passion and open a salon. “It took courage to give up everything to get something I truly wanted.” Soon after, her sister joined her bringing an expertise in customer service and business management.

Just two years later with a roster of professional women, socialites and girls, who just love their hair as clients, the Aziz sisters have become a force in the Atlanta area beauty industry. They pride themselves on being different and offering amazing hair care through trendy styles, cuts and healthy practices using PHYTO products. In “black Hollywood” where haute hair is serious business—they rule!

Najah, known for her fierce, precision cuts for women who love their hair short, is the creative one. For her, hair is more than an occasional fling—it’s her passion! “I work to improve and learn every day by watching instructional videos, taking classes, practicing on mannequins and learning from our talented staff,” she says with pride. “That’s when you know it's a passion.”

Guests entering this urban sanctuary in Inman Park are greeted by warm earthy tones with a dash of blue. Hardwood floors and chocolate furniture coupled with flowing water offer peace and tranquility for those looking to escape the urban grind of this southern city. Amazing stylists like Nia Simmons greet you with a smile and punctuality! Nia washed and conditioned my dull, dry, lifeless hair before a stimulating steam hydration treatment to restore moisture. After she trimmed and pressed my hair, it went from drab to fab in about one hour.

Perhaps what really sets this salon apart from others is their charitable giving. The sisters have made it part of their business practice to offer free hair care and beauty services to battered women, breast cancer survivors and trouble teens quarterly. “We donate our time and talent to women who otherwise might not receive professional services,” says Aziz. “My staff and I get as much out of servicing them as they get out of it because we just believe it's our responsibility.”

If you love haute hair and giving back flow with Like The River.

To learn more visit http://www.liketheriver.com/

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