Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bahamas is HAUTE

I love the beautiful island of Nassau for so many reasons. I was just in the Bahamas over the weekend and I got to spend time ocean side reflecting on a number of things. But more importantly, I got to enjoy warm tropical breezes, crystal clear turquoise water and stunning views of Nassau and Paradise Islands. I even got to meet some cool new friends… and convert a few to my Haute Travels following.

Whenever I travel to this pretty little island, I feel at home because the people are warm and beautiful. They’re so friendly; I feel a shared connectedness even though I’m not Bahamian. Over the last several years, I’ve been to Nassau many times, occassionally with my mother, but I always find something new to discover every time I return.

This time I found even more reasons to explore Nassau in a way that I’ve never done before as a writer and photographer. I’m already planning my return for fashion week in the fall. Look for upcoming features on the Bahamas as exclusive Haute Travels profiles because it's just that HAUTE!

Have you ever visited the Bahamas?
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