Friday, November 19, 2010

The New BMW 5-Series is HAUTE!

There’s no doubt that BMW is the ultimate driving machine. I joined a select group of who’s who in Atlanta for a ride and drive event at the $12 million BMW Performance Driving School in South Carolina courtesy of BMW and UpTown Magazine.

We hit the tracks in teams of two and tested each of the new offerings by BMW for 2011. The crowd favorite by far—the new 5 Series. The updated model is a little larger, but some would say smaller visually. The 3.0-liter twin power turbocharged 535i is not for the girls who like to steer but rather those who like to drive. The car offers smooth acceleration with the power to match.

After testing the new 535i on a series of obstacles courses where the rubber really meets the road… the BMW was nothing short of impressive. I will never drive my 5 series the same again. The handling, breaking and sheer power of the 535i is HAUTE! I was impressed and wanted to upgrade all at the same time.

The new 535i has an adequate amount of torque that takes on just about any road condition. The new 5-Series comes with two automatic transmissions, but an optional eight-speed and $500 sport automatic with paddle shifters is also available. You can also change gears with the six-speed manual shifter.

The new version also features an “updated drive and overhauled infotainment system,” along with driver aids like Park Assist… allowing you to parallel park with ease. The car looks great and easily recognized as the best sports sedan in its class when it comes to how it handles on the road. Again, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance!

For the girls who love to sit behind the wheel of a car that says, I’m all that…this one is for you.

The suggested retail price $49,600.00

What's your ultimate driving machine?
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