Monday, November 29, 2010

My Haute Thoughts to Live By

I’m PASSIONATE about travel, writing, life, ART, design, my loves, my friends and family. I DREAM bigger because I don’t know how not to. PASSION makes me crazy but there really isn’t any other way for me to LIVE. I attract those into my life who are on the same path of fulfillment, passion, DESTINY and giving. My IMAGINATION is my greatest teacher. My VISION for my life pales in comparison to the one the universe has for me. I take risks because that’s how I GROW. I learn from my mentors, life and career coaches that I am more POWERFUL than I know. I pass on my lessons to others because it’s the price I pay for SUCCESS. I know that the people who INSPIRE and motivate me to take risks are really offering me a clue as to what my DESTINY has in store. I am a friend of COURAGE so that I can live my own TRUTH. I believe that FATE is taking me where I’m suppose to be. I’m the peace and comfort that someone else seeks. When he CHALLENGED me to do something ambitious… I never hesitated; I just started thinking. I live my life without limits because there’s no end to what my mind envisions for me. VISION is powerful that’s why my future looks so bright! My thoughts are filled with HAPPINESS, Excitement, JOY, Gratitude and LOVE! I am MANIFESTING my future by taking ACTION now. I focus on what I want because it EXPANDS, feeds and sustains me. This is the script for my life… what an amazing story!

What are thoughts that you live by?
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