Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haute Couture Handmade Hats

French Hat Maker Lou Mistraou creates couture hats made by hand in Provence, France for the girls who understand how to wear—haute headgear. He could be the last of the “most prestigious” hat makers in the region dating back five generations in the area of La Rochelle. Therefore, to acquire a Mistraou was a dream come true for me.

Stepping out on a whim, Mistraou created a hat that would battle the violent icy air that often comes with extremely cold winter months like those in Provence. He created “the Mistral,” a hat much like the people in Provence, “whimsical and impetuous.” Thus was born Lou Mistraou, named after the wind that has inspired it. Mistraou says, “The mistral cultivates paradoxes, but one thing is for sure, when the wind starts blowing, you better protect yourself!”

As a woman who travels the globe, I understand the need to stay warm and fashionable at the same time during extremely cold winters like those in the Midwest. I absolutely love the vibrancy of my Mistral… it may not be for the Atlanta scene, but it’s going to be a hit in Paris, Chicago and London!

The unprecedented design is high on fashion and quality offering detail that only comes with the knowledge of assembling each hand selected piece.

Perhaps the best part about wearing this hat—the way it makes you feel! “Sometimes described as a scourge, it is also praised because it sweeps away the clouds and brings back the sun.”

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Can you rock the Mistral hat?
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