Sunday, August 8, 2010

Haute Love Affair with David Yurman Jewelry

My love affair with David Yurman Jewelry began 14 years ago. I got my first piece as a gift and something inside me was unleashed. I remember it fondly. It was the signature X ring… a symbol of love that was about to begin.

I love the fact that Yurman, a sculptor, was inspired by his wife Sybil, a painter, to create a jewelry line that consisted of twisted metals married to brilliant gemstones and diamond tips. It all started when she asked him to turn one of his angel sculptures into a belt. Before his line was created, Yurman briefly worked for Cartier. But it wasn’t until Tiffany’s turned him down to create a line under its label that his passion took on a life of its own giving birth to jewels worn by celebrities and non celebs alike.

As a creative type, I love David Yurman jewelry because it’s wearable art. I appreciate artists who go beyond boundaries and create something totally different, but yet still maintain their point of view. Expressionism is as much a part of a Yurman necklace, bracelet or ring as it is a part of his sculptures. There’s something about it that makes me curious about his creative process. His perspective is distinct, but yet familiar. When I wear my David Yurman pieces, I feel happy, inspired and free. I can wear my lemon citrine necklace with diamonds with a dress or jeans. I even wear it with a Juicy warm up! I suppose that’s what Yurman meant when he referred to it as “a relaxed form of luxury” in a 2004 Time Magazine article.

Many years later, after receiving the X ring, I’ve become a serious collector. And I’ve managed to acquire select pieces that speak to me. I’m partial to blue hues and warm earth tones… and when I wear my David Yurman jewelry, I feel as if each piece was created just for me.

A few years ago, I met Yurman, during a luncheon at Neiman Marcus in Chicago. He’s as authentic as his jewelry. I could tell just by the way that he talked about his creations that he was an artist who really thought about the design and direction of each piece.

During my one on one, he suggested items that would compliment my collection. But he also, took a moment to share his delight in my appreciation and investment in his art. He even drew a smiley face on my little jewelry bag that I kept to this day. What is there not to love about David Yurman? And, so my love affair continues.

What's your favorite jewelry line?
Reference: Time Magazine Winter 2004
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