Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Am Kimber Offers Sparkle That’s Haute!

If you love jewelry and being a girl there’s a new line of baubles, bracelets and beads designed with you in mind. Kimberville Accessories launched its “I Am Kimber,” spring and summer collection last week, at Midtown Atlanta bakery, Chocolate Pink.
"I Am Kimber", features “urber-cute” pieces made from a creative mix of pearls, chains, leather and Swarovski crystals ranging in price from $50 to $200, each containing small remnants reminding its owner of her playful childhood memories of yesterday. “Kimberville gives us permission to let our imaginations soar," explains creator and senior designer, Monica Leaphart, self-proclaimed child of sparkle.

Leaphart says her own quirkly, child-like spirit gave birth to Kimberville and inspires her creations. "I wanted to create pieces that remind us of the days when we were little girls dying for something shiny and sparkly,” says Leaphart. Her girly girl sense of style has taken this twenty something business woman from boutique owner to jewelry and lifestyle designer. Leaphart, a devotee of handbags, shoes and bling says she plans to create more pieces catering to the girlish fantasies of fashionistas the worldover.

For more information visit www.KimbervilleOnline.com
or contact kimbervilleusa@gmail.com for look book and line sheet requests.

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