Friday, April 8, 2011

Haute Poolside Fun in Las Vegas!

Poolside parties are the best way to hang out with old and new acquaintances. I love Liquid Lounge at Aria because it comes with a DJ and cabana! My weekend trip to Las Vegas was so much fun! I ended up handing Jamie Foxx my cell phone to chat with a mutual friend (who had not spoken with him in 10 years because they lost touch) and became the subject of a rap song with Chris “Kid” Reid from Kid N Play. He said that my brightly colored green dress reminded him of a bag of skittles!

We spent the afternoon just grooving to the music, talking about all kinds of things including relationship dynamics with Jamie and Chris suggested that bring I bring my Haute Travels to Los Angles. I really loved the company and can’t wait to catch up with this crew again.

So who else was in the Michael Jordan cabana on Saturday? Christina Milian, Shanice, Flex Alexander and Comedian Craig Robinson were some of the coolest, most down to earth people that I’ve met.

If you’re shopping around for a haute hotel in Las Vegas… check out the pool area so that you’ll have plenty of fun during the day and night.

What’s your favorite Vegas hotel?
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