Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haute Spa Trends for 2010!

The dollar maybe weak, but the desire to be pampered is going strong. Although, the spa industry has seen its share of economic woes as a result of the battered economy, everybody wants a little me-time. This year consumers are looking for great customer service and value for their money.

Here are 5 spa trends for 2010:

-Spa sampling menus have become popular… with the shrinking dollar comes mini services at lower price points.

-Spas have embraced social media by tweeting and posting facebook messages about the deal of the day. You can even cancel or reschedule appointments online.

-Spa partnerships make great business sense… spas inside hotels, resorts, airports, and on cruise ships are ideal for travelers.

-No frills instead look for simplified spa menus as a sign of the times… spas are now focusing on core treatment options like massage to manage stress.

-Beauty rest has become a priority in this sleep-deprived society. You can actually book time to sleep at select spas around the world before or after your treatment.

Source: International SPA Association

Where is your favorite spa?
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