Friday, December 25, 2009

Shoo Jimmy Choo or Maybe Not Entirely

Shoo, Jimmy Choo, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More by Catey Hill is haute! While, Jimmy Choo is my signature shoe… spending full price isn’t what I advocate. And neither does Hill, who also happens to be the money editor of the New York Daily News Web site and a recovering shoe addict. Remember what happened to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw when she couldn’t get her apartment because she spent her money on what else—a closet full of Manolos! While, I don’t consider myself a shoe addict, just a girl who likes what she likes, I think Hill is right on with this one. The book covers a lot of topics from fico scores to investment strategy. The book isn’t making a judgment against the girls with overstuffed shoe closets, but rather offering advice designed to tweak spending and create a savings plan that can accommodate an occasional splurge. Although Shoo, Jimmy Choo might make your head turn at the thought of parting with your luxury shoe fix, it also offers big girl advice on how to navigate the real world of retail spending and markups preparing you for a “retire-in-style-fund!” I say keep your Jimmy Choo style, just be smart… never pay full price and use cash! Cash makes you think twice before you spend… so as Hill would say, girls “tame those financial demons!” Learn to click those high heels and walk away if the price isn’t right for you. Get your copy of Shoo Jimmy Choo now!

Will you part with your Jimmy Choos for a retire-in-style fund?

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