Friday, October 16, 2009

20 Reasons Why I Love Chicago!

There is no city in the world like Chicago… from the mag mile to the gorgeous skyline and lakefront living; the windy city is my kind of town! I lived in Chicago for 10 years and I can’t ever think of having a dull moment. Although, my friends would call me every winter and inquire about my sanity, since I left the warm, cozy southern city of Atlanta for the dreadful cold of the Midwest; I still smile when I think of my home away from home. Here are 20 things that I love about the Chi:

1. Great Friends in my mind Barack, Michelle, Hillary (Chicago-adjacent) & Oprah!
2. The Lakefront
3. Michigan Ave Shopping
4. Great Restaurants with a view
5. Alfresco Dinning
6. Great Walking City
7. The Art Galleries in River North (Nicole Gallery)
8. The Architecture River Cruise
9. Vintage Living in Hyde Park
10. Music in the Park
11. The Oprah Show
12. Unknown Fashion Designers
13. Chicago-Style Pizza
14. A Great Chicago Hot Dog
15. The Caramel and Cheese Popcorn Mix at Garrett's
16. Charming Boutiques in Lincoln Park and on Oak Street
17. The Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park
18. The Theatre Scene
19. The Christmas Windows at Marshall Field’s (A.K.A Macy’s)
20. The Art Institute

What city do you love?
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