Monday, January 7, 2013

The CoFi Case Keeps Your iPad Haute!

When it comes to accessories that keep your iPad, tablets and other electronic devices warm during the winter months, there’s nothing like a Cofi case. The genuine leather case is perfect for your Kindle Fire, Nook or iPad. It’s haute and stylish with a “faux” shearling liner to keep your device protected while you’re mobile or simply storing it.

It’s also great for the world traveler who finds himself or herself jetting through airports with technology in hand. The case accommodates nine to ten inch screens… and secures your device with a zipper to close. The leather exterior comes in a number of options to keep you stylish no matter where you are in the world!

I received the Antique Silver Croco Case for my new mini iPad as a gift to test out! I found this case to be different from most because the “faux” shearling-style fabric really helps protect my iPad and Kindle Fire, unlike most other cases that simply cover your product.

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