Friday, January 28, 2011

The Passion is in the Risk!

I love the line from the movie, When in Rome, “The passion is in the risk!” The movie is about an ambitious New York woman who gives up on love until it finds her in Rome and follows her back to NYC! But that line really has different meanings for me. When I think of passion and risk, I also think of doing something that most people would never try... because most people are just not risk takers. But thanks to a certain someone who said, “I hope you do it.” The universe has given me everything that I need to make this amazing undertaking possible. I smile every time I think of my team from New York to Miami who love my ideas so much that they have not only brought in their own genius but their personal and professional contacts to help make this adventure one that we’ll all walk away feeling good about.
So if you’re thinking of taking a risk… “I hope you do it!” Great risks have the potential to yield great rewards. Once you take a step forward… everything that you need will find its way into your life so that you can accomplish your goal. Just dream bigger and surround yourself with other risk takers who inspire, motivate and bring the best out of you! Let your imagination take you places that you never thought were possible and watch the world embrace you with open arms. I’m living proof!

What are you thinking of doing that's ambitious?
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