Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haute Spot: Ceiba del Mar

Secretly tucked away near the small Puerto Morelos fishing village along the Gulf of Mexico is the charming resort, Ceiba del Mar, housed in the heart of the Mayan Riviera.
 On a recent trip to Mexico, I made my way to this secret paradise that’s quiet and unassuming and known only to insiders seeking a path to wellness. Set against a backdrop of the tranquil blue waters of the sea and the lush tropical jungle is a beautiful Holistic and Aromatherapy Spa that offers a refuge for those like me who seek to restore balance in their lives.

A short meditative walk with
flowing ponds along the path to the sea was the perfect complement to a beautiful spa retreat. The powdery white sands and warm waters from the sea offered a sort of “meeting of the minds” making way to a space that creates harmony, encourages creativity and self-improvement through ancient Mayan rituals… just think of a wellness-inspired cultural exchange.

A 90 minute massage was just the beginning in efforts to restore my mind and body to a pure and natural state free of toxins and impurities that invade our bodies over many years. My therapist used ten different essential oils customized specifically for me in preparation for the Balsamic Mayan Massage. The oils were slowly dropped long the vertebrae of my back like “tiny rain drops” before hot stones were used to help the oils penetrate the skin. The benefits of this relaxing massage were immediate—no stress or negative thoughts to invade my consciousness. When my session was over, my therapist signaled with a soft ringing of a bell to awaken my soul.

Upon returning to the spa, my path was filled with birds singing and gentle breezes with the warmth of the sun kissing my skin. Now that my mind was relaxed, it was time for a full-body detox like nothing you’ve ever heard of before. My therapist hooked me up to a machine that discovered things about my body and mind that I never knew. It found impurities and possible diseases waiting to strike. Little did I know that pesticides can live in the body for many as 30 years, I’m told. Once my therapist reviewed my report, I was asked to return for a footbath detox. The moment that my feet were immersed in the water my body began to eliminate fat from my liver and impurities from other organs. It was mind-blowing!

During this journey to relax, rejuvenate and repair my mind, body and soul, I felt cared for at Ceiba del Mar, which allowed me to surrender to the process. The rest of my stay included yoga on the beach and dining at the resorts amazing restaurants while the sun began to set. If you crave exclusivity and seclusion… this is the spot for you.

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Are you inspired by my story to plot your own path to wellness?
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