Monday, July 5, 2010

Piping Haute Treatments at The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta!

When it comes to relaxation and restoration there’s no place like The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta to offer some ImmuniTEA from the insanity of life. Every travelista knows that in order to keep her sanity so she can globe trot with the jet setters, she must first capture that elusive “she-time” as often as possible. I’m no exception and I’m drawn to a great spa treatment like a moth to a flame! So when my friends at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta invited me into their haute spa to sample their new exotic TEA-inspired massage, it didn’t take much for me to jump into my car and head into town.

Once at the spa, I was surrounded by peace and tranquility. I couldn’t wait to slide out of my city gear and into that plush robe that’s hanging in my locker just a stone’s throw from the calmness of the relaxation room where a cup of tea and Park 75’s signature honey from the rooftop bee garden was beckoning me.

I love the fact that the new enhanced spa treatments feature a facial and massage with custom tea blends that are highly rich in antioxidants… once absorbed into the skin amazing healing transformations take place. I have traveled all over the world and sampled spas from Paris to Brazil… the beautiful people have one thing in common—beauty rituals that contribute to the overall wellness of the body take center stage in their lives.

My 50-minute massage started with a warm, soothing rooibos tea antioxidant masque for my back followed by a stress-relief massage targeting problem areas that just needed a little TLC. The combination of organic fruit juice extracts and vitamins did rejuvenate my skin giving it its glow. There is no better way to spend an afternoon… after all I’m worth it!

If you’re planning a little pampering at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta you should hurry because the new customized exotic tea blend treatments won’t last long. In fact, they stop brewing August 31, 2010.

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